Definition of keep at (or keep someone at) in English:

keep at (or keep someone at)

phrasal verb

  • Persist (or force someone to persist) with.

    ‘it was the best part of a day's work but I kept at it’
    • ‘He was dedicated, and he was focused, and he kept at it year after year after year.’
    • ‘I think they're all very smart people, that are very good at something a lot of people can't even comprehend, and I think that kind of drive keeps them at what they do.’
    • ‘The job would get done, if we kept at it.’
    • ‘I kept at the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until I heard the doorbell ring and a policeman came in.’
    • ‘I'd get to these points where I wanted to stop but he kept me at it.’
    persevere with, persist with, be persistent in, keep going with, keep on at, be pertinacious in, show determination in, be resolute in, be steadfast in, not give up, not cease from, not falter in, carry on with, press on with, work away at, continue with, see through, struggle on with
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