Definition of keep (the) score in English:

keep (the) score


  • Register the score of a game as it is made.

    • ‘Take turns to challenge each other to games, and keep score.’
    • ‘Each parent is involved in the sport - her mother is a competitor's steward and her father referees and keeps score at events.’
    • ‘Money is how we keep score, and the game lasts your whole life.’
    • ‘Counselors remember that we did not keep score during our staff game of ultimate Frisbee.’
    • ‘Managing a game is not simply blowing the whistle when an infringement occurs and keeping the score and time.’
    • ‘Those people can feel the fine balance between linear and interactive, between rules and freedom, between keeping score and not keeping score.’
    • ‘I tend to win more than my fair share of games and so there will sometimes be jokes that I'm only keeping score as a form of self-aggrandizement.’
    • ‘The variety of techniques used for keeping score in games is extremely diverse.’
    • ‘From time to time I have read critical comments about the means of keeping score provided in some board games.’
    • ‘The game isn't over when you suit up and trot out onto the field; you gotta play the game and keep score, too.’