Definition of keep (or stay) out of someone's way in English:

keep (or stay) out of someone's way


  • Avoid someone.

    ‘he tried to keep out of her way at school’
    • ‘I spent the rest of the tour staying out of his way.’
    • ‘I suppose I'll have to keep out of their way for the next few days, else I might say something I'll regret.’
    • ‘When the cops are moving in I try to stay out of their way.’
    • ‘William's sister, who was once so close to him, would do everything she could to stay out of his way.’
    • ‘If anyone sees me, they should probably stay out of my way.’
    • ‘He'd been staying out of my way, something I sometimes appreciated and sometimes hated.’
    • ‘Once they have learned that foxes are a source of danger and to be avoided, they should have little difficulty in keeping out of their way.’
    • ‘When he was drunk, I hid from him and stayed out of his way.’
    • ‘We knew they had a better chance if we stayed out of their way.’
    • ‘He wasn't curious enough to ask what she was doing, just as long as she was staying out of his way.’
    • ‘I kept out of his way, because he looked quite mad, and was a bit smelly to boot.’