Definition of keep (or stand) guard in English:

keep (or stand) guard


  • Act as a guard.

    ‘armed men stood guard over makeshift roadblocks’
    • ‘Before the trial began, police armed with submachine guns and shotguns stood guard as vans brought the handcuffed defendants to the courthouse.’
    • ‘Yesterday uniformed police officers stood guard outside the premises while forensic experts carried out a detailed search inside the premises.’
    • ‘A group of uniformed and plainclothes police officers stood guard outside the ward, screening all visitors.’
    • ‘Yesterday afternoon, officers were removing articles from the house in plastic bags as a uniformed policeman stood guard at the back door.’
    • ‘Officers did not reveal whether any travel documents were found at the flat, where armed police today stood guard.’
    • ‘All day, U.S. choppers circled overhead, while on the ground, Iraqi police and soldiers stood guard.’
    • ‘Floral tributes, many of them white roses and daffodils, were placed around a white flag of St George brought by a mourner, with a lone policeman standing guard.’
    • ‘The police stood guard downstairs before and during her visit.’
    • ‘Police officers stood guard at either end of the churchyard on the morning after the assault and fielded questions from visitors to the church.’
    • ‘Police stood guard at the edge of the pitch in that part of the ground to make sure there were no incursions on to the turf and checked media identification to keep the protesters out.’