Definition of keep-fit in English:



mass nounBritish
  • Regular exercises to improve personal fitness and health.

    ‘a keep-fit class’
    • ‘We'd be open to links with other facilities such as crèches in Dublin that might want to run a regular keep-fit class.’
    • ‘It also hosts the horticultural society, photographic society, a keep-fit club and a bridge club.’
    • ‘They described their son as a keep-fit enthusiast who ran regularly, and cycled to work every day when he was at Barton.’
    • ‘Toddlers are having aerobics classes in a keep-fit programme at schools and nurseries.’
    • ‘Our keep-fit sessions were such fun - we hopped on one leg, somersaulted, balanced and scissored and although you loved to show off your skills, you loved me joining in.’
    • ‘He was a keen keep-fit enthusiast and had been planning to run classes in the sports complex shortly.’
    • ‘A 100-year-old is shaking off the years by taking part in a keep-fit class for the first time in her life.’
    • ‘Some members of the Ladies Dart Team from the Castle Inn have decided to get into a keep-fit routine.’
    • ‘Every Wednesday they weigh-in after their keep-fit class and pay 25 pence each time.’
    • ‘The leisure club should offer a swimming pool, hot spas, steam rooms, luxury changing rooms, fully equipped gyms, dance studios and a range of keep-fit classes.’
    • ‘Although we have both dabbled in keep-fit classes and acquired the requisite Lycra bits and bobs to do so, we were never interested in the clothes as a fashion statement.’
    • ‘I find that working out in the gym and keep-fit classes are really boring.’
    • ‘Previously the keep-fit fanatic had worked out at a Health Club in Ballynahinch.’
    • ‘Currently, the village hall has bookings for only the keep-fit group, a private party and a jumble sale.’
    • ‘Staff and other keep-fit fanatics presented John with a cake decorated with his membership card and hung balloons on all his favourite gym equipment.’
    • ‘The Irish course is designed to improve your written and spoken language while in aerobics some keep-fit classes are on the programme.’
    • ‘A hiker, footballer and ladies keep-fit organiser explain how they keep fit and healthy through exercise and sport.’
    • ‘Most of her colleagues think she is simply a keep-fit fanatic.’
    • ‘These activities are an essential component of the keep-fit regiment which the Chinese follow in order to achieve long life of youthful vigor.’
    • ‘Sports clubs, council officials and other interested parties are still in discussions about how to provide Ilkley with top class keep-fit facilities.’
    physical activity, movement, exertion, effort, work
    work out, do exercises, keep fit, train, drill, engage in physical activity
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