Definition of keenness in English:



  • [mass noun] The quality of being eager or enthusiastic; eagerness:

    ‘he has expressed his keenness to retain his job’
    • ‘At the end, I was greatly impressed by the smartness and keenness of all of them, and by the firmness and intelligence of their questions.’
    • ‘Do not, in a fit of keenness, give your e-mail address to every single university society at the freshers' fair.’
    • ‘The dive leaves me with a profound respect for these beautiful creatures and a new keenness to see them in the wild.’
    • ‘Bur rather than settle down and start producing a bland composite, he retains his enthusiasm and keenness to experiment.’
    • ‘When I recall my early enthusiasm and keenness and compare it with three or four years later, I see a significant difference.’
    sharpness, razor-sharpness
    acuteness, sharpness, sensitivity, perceptiveness, discrimination, clarity
    acuity, sharpness, subtlety, incisiveness, astuteness, perspicacity, perceptiveness, quick-wittedness, sharp-wittedness, shrewdness, penetration, insight, cleverness, discernment, intelligence, brightness, brilliance, canniness, sagacity
    incisiveness, causticity, tartness, sharpness, mordancy, acidity, acerbity, trenchancy, pungency, virulence, sarcasm, sardonicism, satire
    intensity, acuteness, extremity, strength, power, violence, profundity, depth, ferocity
    eagerness, willingness, readiness, desire, wish, anxiety, impatience
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