Definition of keen-witted in English:



  • Quick to notice and understand things.

    ‘a keen-witted man of much insight’
    • ‘A couple of keen-witted amateur naturalists figured out that the mermaid was a fraud, during its pre-New York tour of the provinces.’
    • ‘She was flattered and courted, till the simple, but keen-witted and ambitious peasant girl had her head turned by the brilliancy of this new world.’
    • ‘Marjorie, who was naturally keen-witted and intuitive, became her father's surrogate son.’
    • ‘Boyd has established himself alongside Hilary Mantel and Martin Amis as one of the most keen-witted and proficient of contemporary British writers.’
    • ‘Mentally, they are keen-witted and practical rather than intellectual.’
    perceptive, discerning, percipient, perspicacious, penetrative, piercing, penetrating, discriminating, sensitive, incisive, keen, acute, sharp-witted, quick, quick-witted, clever, shrewd, astute, intelligent, intuitive, bright, agile, nimble, nimble-witted, alert, quick off the mark, ready, apt, fine, finely honed, rapier-like, probing, searching, insightful, knowing
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