Definition of keen-eyed in English:



  • Extremely observant.

    ‘an accident was averted by a keen-eyed officer’
    ‘keen-eyed talent spotters’
    ‘the keen-eyed will have spotted the small version of the flyer to the right’
    • ‘This is still a very good play, staged with great flair and gusto by an excellent cast and a keen-eyed director.’
    • ‘However, shares in Nichols jumped almost 14% this week as keen-eyed investors harvested the shares.’
    • ‘The corollary to that is that the photos you see of keen-eyed researchers holding up Erlenmeyer flasks of green liquid are faked.’
    • ‘The good news is that our two keen-eyed observers have pegged the next big thing.’
    • ‘An extremely rare turtle has escaped the clutches of smugglers, thanks to a high-tech identification tag and keen-eyed inspectors.’
    • ‘In the daily grind of city life, amid all the sordidness and grime, flowers never really proclaim their presence, except to the keen-eyed.’
    • ‘Hunter, a keen-eyed watcher of retail stocks, thought the shares would be a good long-term bet for the trust that he had set up for his two sons.’
    • ‘The keen-eyed may also see a great spotted woodpecker or a reed bunting.’
    • ‘The raider demanded money but the keen-eyed postmaster had the presence of mind to study the gun.’
    • ‘A keen-eyed employee may suspect a pattern of claims.’
    • ‘Keen-eyed observers among you will notice that I've been fiddling with my template once again.’