Definition of kebaya in English:



  • A light, loose tunic worn by women in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other SE Asian countries.

    • ‘While many other designers turned to the west for their influences, Edward stayed true to the kebaya, but revived for modern times.’
    • ‘He finds the kebaya a very sexy apparel.’
    • ‘The kebaya is a long-sleeved, fitted lace blouse that is worn over another layer of clothing.’
    • ‘For temple ceremonies, women wear a sabuk belt wrapped around the body up to the armpits, with a kebaya jacket over it.’
    • ‘When putting these kebaya on, women discuss their bodies, their sex-appeal, shyness, their wish to please or their need to cover themselves up.’
    • ‘Women wear sarongs on formal occasions, along with the kebaya, a tight, low-cut, long-sleeved blouse.’
    • ‘Men also wear a sarung, but instead of a kebaya, they wear a long-sleeved batik shirt or a fitted, embroidered jacket.’
    • ‘This season some of his kebaya have done away with the traditional front opening and are criss-crossed at the back in corset style.’
    • ‘Women in red kebaya and matching batik cloth then ushered the guests to another room, a perfectly lit one where supper was served as a buffet.’
    • ‘Women wear the sarong, kebaya (long-sleeved blouse), and selendang (sash over the shoulder).’
    • ‘A recent honor was an assignment to design a kebaya for Datin Seri Endon Mahmood Badawi, wife of Malaysia's deputy prime minister.’
    • ‘A married woman may often wear a baju kebaya, a close-fitting lace blouse over an ankle-length skirt.’
    • ‘In case you're wondering, a "kebaya" is a traditional Malay dress.’
    • ‘Pretty kebaya (traditional Javanese dress), tiny wooden boxes, wooden tables and some paintings are among the items offered here.’
    • ‘Megawati wore a white "kebaya," a traditional Javanese costume for women, and a violet scarf when she was taking the oath.’
    • ‘The kebaya thus turns into an exploratory tool for women, leading to a greater awareness of their living conditions and thus to a greater liberty.’
    • ‘As the pencil thin model draped in a body hugging kebaya walked in, the audience let out a collective cry.’
    • ‘Their children wore the same white-and-red kebaya traditional dress and suit as the President and Vice President.’
    • ‘If there is a dress that is "banal" in Indonesia, it is the kebaya, indeed.’
    • ‘After flowers, she now works on the theme of the kebaya, this symbol par excellence of the Indonesian woman, and of "femininity" in Indonesia.’


Malay, ultimately of Persian or Arabic origin.