Definition of katydid in English:



  • A large, typically green, bush cricket that is native to North America. The male makes a characteristic sound which resembles the name.

    Microcentrum and other genera, family Tettigoniidae

    • ‘Short-winged female meadow katydids discriminate among tremulation signals of males to choose a larger male, even in the absence of a signalling male.’
    • ‘That winter, the night we built our first big fire, we also hatched out about a million katydids, or as some folk call them, camel crickets.’
    • ‘Members of the grasshopper family, including crickets, locusts, and katydids, hear with small disks near one of the front leg joints.’
    • ‘From every quarter throbbed peepers and katydids and locusts.’
    • ‘It is a mournful silence, broken only by the eternal singing of the katydids.’