Definition of Kashubian in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Kashubia, a region of Poland west and north-west of Gdansk.

    • ‘It should also be added that the Kashubians have never wanted to separate themselves from Poland.’
    • ‘They weren't sympathetic to Kashubians because they always helped each other and they got on with Jews.’
    • ‘This has awakened my interest in lesser-known Slavic peoples such as the Sorbs, Kashubians and Masurians.’
    • ‘In order for this to happen, the Kashubians would have to become strong in thought and spirit.’
    • ‘Under German rule some of the Kashubians were converted to Protestantism, as were the Mazurians in East Prussia.’
  • 2mass noun The Western Slavic vernacular language spoken by about 200,000 people in Kashubia. It is closely related to Polish.

    • ‘The first printed documents in Kashubian date from the end of the 16th century.’
    • ‘As a result, Kashubian is increasingly heard in churches.’
    • ‘Some 100,000 consider Kashubian their mother tongue and speak it to varying degrees.’


  • Relating to Kashubia, its people, or their language.

    • ‘There are also some Kashubian speakers in Canada.’
    • ‘The Kashubian tales again would naturally be pressed into the service of the surrounding Germans.’
    • ‘‘He closed his business, got his wife into the car and drove a great distance across Poland to where we were, visiting a Kashubian fishing village on the Hel Peninsula,’ Ray says.’
    • ‘In Kashubian tradition the borders between everyday life and work and folk art are blurred.’
    • ‘The Museum, whose aim is to document the cultural development of Kashuby and Pomerania over the ages, collects Kashubian and Pomeranian literature.’