Definition of Karoo in English:


(also Karroo)

proper noun

  • 1An elevated semi-desert plateau in South Africa.

    1. 1.1karooSouth African as mass noun Semi-desert land like that of the Karoo.
      • ‘Acacia karroo may be found from the Western Cape through to Zambia and Angola.’
      • ‘In the succulent karoo, a desert habitat, males are permanently associated with social groups containing several communally breeding females and share their territory with these females.’
      • ‘Baking in the dusty karroo, the heirs to Hendrik Verwoerd - the man who gave apartheid its philosophical underpinning - stay true to their belief that each group should be allowed ‘self-determination.’’
      • ‘The vulture also prefers open spaces, foraging over grassland, thornbush, macchia, karoo, desert, and other sparsely vegetated regions, while it avoids large forested areas.’
      • ‘The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are way down on your right, a verdant, forested mountain range to your left, separating the route from the karoo - the dry, almost treeless land of the interior.’


From Khoikhoi, literally ‘hard, dry’.