Definition of karmically in English:



  • See karmic

    • ‘They screamed and they kicked, they tore off their rags, but alas they're karmically destined.’
    • ‘Loving-kindness and compassion are karmically very significant, and we should make them the core of whatever Dharma practices we do.’
    • ‘What if revenge is right, feels good and karmically satisfies those parts that the law just can't reach?’
    • ‘Karmically speaking, every action I take is going to tick with me in some form or another for the rest of eternity.’
    • ‘The little lies, the deceptions, count karmically too.’
    • ‘Meat is already the most karmically/chemically toxic and environmentally wasteful food you can eat.’
    • ‘The doctrine of karma, however, does not claim that everything that happens to a person is karmically determined.’
    • ‘Had she in fact died at the checkpoint it would have been karmically just.’
    • ‘A fault is not necessarily karmically consequential.’
    • ‘Being unconscious of the custom's existence, her actions could be considered karmically neutral, as she lacked the intention to offend.’