Definition of karmic in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of karma.

    ‘the karmic wheel of life’
    ‘I sensed a deep karmic connection with him’
    • ‘The illustrations of human decay from the first through eighth stages emphasize the consequences of the vicious cycle of human life and death deriving from karmic effect.’
    • ‘These concerns are in line with Buddhist karmic theory which asserts that a person's actions in this life will determine the character of his or her future existences.’
    • ‘He gets to spend an afterlife in karmic bliss.’
    • ‘Indians almost subconsciously take to cricket as a representation of the placid, karmic life.’
    • ‘His karmic lesson was to realize that he couldn't live life by purely mental decisions.’
    • ‘Vietnamese Buddhists believe in reincarnation and karmic destiny (the belief that people get what they deserve).’
    • ‘Most Indian systems of thought teach that gaining such insight brings about the liberation of the individual from karmic continuity.’
    • ‘The Lord is said to be untouched by karmic activities, all-knowing, and teacher of ancient sages.’
    • ‘Japanese Gothic plots typically place humans on a spiritual continuum, a karmic wheel, rather than in a divided world of good and evil.’
    • ‘In your individual life, you have infinite opportunity to act in concert with the karmic imperatives of your soul.’
    1. 1.1informal Denoting good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one's actions.
      ‘his new job must be some form of karmic payback’
      • ‘Unlike some, I do not think this public mess is a karmic payback for the actor's failure to indulge the press.’
      • ‘There has got to be some karmic balance in the world for being born studly.’
      • ‘Following the overblown success of his previous film, it seems karmic that his new one opened without a spectacular advertising campaign.’
      • ‘Maybe we were all paying the karmic price for our premier's fatuous grandstanding.’
      • ‘It was time for her to pay her karmic debt.’
      • ‘There is no divine retribution, no karmic justice - this is just life screwing you up for no discernable reason.’
      • ‘It is an idiotic move that backfires in a splendidly karmic way.’
      • ‘Believing in a karmic world, he believes that the things you do come back around to you.’
      • ‘Perhaps there is something more karmic at work. Some kind of retribution.’
      • ‘She seemed not to understand that America going to war is huge karmic retribution.’