Definition of kanuka in English:



  • A small evergreen New Zealand tree with white flowers, yielding useful timber and products used in herbal medicine.

    Leptospermum ericoides, family Myrtaceae

    • ‘To imagine what Hanmer Springs would be like without the forest one could think of the Hanmer Plain as it once was - rather dull with just tussock, kanuka and flax.’
    • ‘There are large areas of native vegetation featuring kanuka, manuka, kohuhu, coprosmas and olearia species.’
    • ‘East of the School of Forestry is what Peter terms a West Coast garden with rimu, kanuka, mountain beech, coprosma, nikau, wineberry, native fuchsia, pohutukawa, and ferns.’
    • ‘Under the kanuka trees young kawakawa, titoki and manamana are weaving a bright green cloak for the hills.’
    • ‘He had come down and explained to the select committee that New Zealand was on the verge of developing a massive export market in manuka and kanuka products.’


Early 20th century: from Maori.