Definition of kangri in English:



  • A small pot filled with lighted charcoal, used to transport fire or (in Kashmir) carried close to the body as a means of keeping warm.

    • ‘It was a mob of over hundred Kashmiri men, all of them dressed in pheren and carrying kangris in their hands.’
    • ‘In Indian Kashmir, people are appealing to relief agencies for more kangris, a traditional form of heater used for centuries in the region when fuel is scarce.’
    • ‘The Pandit women welcomed us; they offered us their kangris to warm up but as they spoke, the bitterness poured out.’
    • ‘I also pick up two kangris, clay lamps that Kashmiris fill with glowing charcoals and hold against their bodies, inside their feyrans, in the cold of winter.’
    • ‘As autumn approaches, truckloads of kangris of all qualities and hues come to the market.’


From Hindi kāṁgṛī.