Definition of kamahi in English:



  • A tall New Zealand forest tree with small cream-coloured flowers and dark timber.

    Weinmannia racemosa, family Cunoniaceae

    • ‘The remainder comprises ‘native forests and forest shrublands which contain mature and regenerating kahikatea, matai, rimu, kamahi, kawakawa, pockets of red and hard beech, and a number of other native species.’’
    • ‘There were rewarewa, kamahi and rata flowering, tinting the bush a deep rusty-red.’
    • ‘A visitor in 1906 wrote of the desolation of the scene and the damage done to this beautiful area by the miners, but now the regrowth of kamahi has covered most of the relics of the mining.’
    • ‘Waitutu is the largest section of forest - rimu, miro, Hall's totara, rata, kamahi and silver beech - still intact on a New Zealand coastal flatland.’
    • ‘The forest on the island is southern New Zealand podocarp mix with rimu, southern rata, kamahi, totara and miro.’


Mid 19th century: from Maori.