Definition of kaleidoscopically in English:



  • See kaleidoscopic

    • ‘Time is treated kaleidoscopically, whether in selective moments, flashbacks or offstage voices from the past.’
    • ‘The score is kaleidoscopically varied; busy but essentially peaceful activity dominates, but there are shattering, cacophonous climaxes that suggest destructive forces at work.’
    • ‘With this kaleidoscopically inventive production Chichester, once the home of safe theatre, becomes a leader of the avant-garde.’
    • ‘Two modestly sized screens extended the format into an elongated rectangle, the line of demarcation heeded as images - doubled, distorted, repeated - slipped rapidly and kaleidoscopically into the seam.’
    • ‘His flat-panel digitally designed animations are mostly color-field abstractions that flow like the fluid in lava lamps, one luminous form kaleidoscopically morphing into the next.’