Definition of kagu in English:



  • A crested, almost flightless bluish-grey bird related to the rails, which is found only on the Pacific island of New Caledonia, and is now endangered.

    Rhynochetos jubatus, the only member of the family Rhynochetidae

    • ‘The loss of much of New Caledonia's native forests has caused the numbers of kagus to decline.’
    • ‘Standing knee-high to a human and weighing about two pounds, kagus have long fascinated ornithologists.’
    • ‘It is believed than less than 1,000 kagus still live in New Caledonia, mostly in the South Province.’
    • ‘So the ancestral kagus gave up flying, keeping large wings for display purposes.’
    • ‘The forests of New Caledonia have been cleared for mining and agriculture, leaving only a few small valleys where the kagus can live.’


Mid 19th century: from Melanesian.