Definition of kaffeeklatsch in English:



  • another term for klatch
    • ‘It's more kaffeeklatsch among the reporters arriving at 8: 30 to claim their seats than circus.’
    • ‘But can he connect one-on-one with voters in New Hampshire kaffeeklatsches?’
    • ‘I first came across this when there was a group of middle-aged women using the ultra-hip bulletin boards as a kind of online kaffeeklatsch.’
    • ‘Town halls are one thing, but you can keep your catch-and-release handshake, your dandled baby, your pale-brew kaffeeklatsch.’
    • ‘In Davos, 3,000 CEOs of the world's biggest companies, political leaders, leading academics, assorted opinion-makers, media and hangers-on gathered for the great globalization kaffeeklatsch known as the World Economic Forum.’
    • ‘Appearances at coffee shops and kaffeeklatsches have symbolic import, and hardworking office holders are still sometimes seen at town meeting-type events.’
    • ‘The first Kaffeeklatsch meeting of the spring 2008 semester is on Tuesday, February 5th.’


German, from Kaffee ‘coffee’ + Klatsch ‘gossip’.