Definition of K Force in English:

K Force

(also Kayforce)


mass noun
  • The New Zealand contingent of the combined United Nations force which supported South Korea during the Korean War.

    ‘they dropped supplies that were later retrieved by K Force’
    • ‘Many of our people already have had close associations with Korea because of service there with K-Force.’
    • ‘In his letter the Minister stated that the extent to which service with K Force provides dispensation from military training.’
    • ‘Our Army's contribution in Korea, K Force, has now nearly completed its initial change-round process under the replacement scheme.’
    • ‘In a statement concerning the replacement of K Force — New Zealand's contribution to the United Nations Forces in Korea — he said the Force had been in the theatre of operations since January, 1951.’
    • ‘Captain Hogg was surgical specialist in K Force.’
    • ‘So I changed my mind and re-engaged to go back to Korea in 'K' Force.’
    • ‘And at the time he was also a serving officer with K-Force in Korea, New Zealand being one of the few countries that heeded the United Nations' call to supply troops to fight on behalf of South Korea against North Korea.’
    • ‘He re-enlisted for service in 'K' Force.’
    • ‘It is somewhat exasperating at times to encounter a certain lack of interest on the part of various sections of the public in K Force and the work it is doing.’
    • ‘And to make it worse I enlisted in K Force to serve three years in Korea.’


1950s: abbreviation of Korea + force.