Definition of juvenile lead in English:

juvenile lead


  • 1(in a play or film) the chief part performed by a young actor or actress.

    ‘Fred was cast as the male juvenile lead’
    ‘I never had the shape for juvenile leads’
    • ‘In the toughest role in the show O'Connell is the roguish juvenile lead Billy, in romantic pursuit of Peggy and a match for her in fleet footwork.’
    • ‘As Dr Jekyll, he was lit, flatteringly, from above, as the conventional handsome, juvenile lead in any play would have been.’
    • ‘From his first major juvenile lead role as Rolf in The Sound Of Music, he has reinvented himself from musical theatre to the Abbey Road recording studios.’
    • ‘They met when they were both playing juvenile leads in an amateur dramatic production in Birkenhead in the 1930s.’
    • ‘I never had the shape for juvenile leads so I've always had to play character parts.’
    • ‘Eventually, he got an acting job of 16 weeks in weekly rep, playing juvenile leads in 16 different plays - where he honed his technique.’
    • ‘Haynes is notably charming as Billy Lawlor, the so-called juvenile lead.’
    • ‘"I got kicked out of my first big part as a juvenile lead in To Kill a Cat, despite the fact that my father wrote it," he later recalled.’
    • ‘He progressed to a whole sentence in a play at the Garrick, then joined Colchester rep, where he graduated to juvenile leads.’
    • ‘The next day he received a letter from London saying his audition for the juvenile lead in a musical comedy called Wild Grows the Heather had been successful.’
    1. 1.1 The actor or actress performing the part of juvenile lead.
      ‘the juvenile leads try hard’
      • ‘Rarely has a show dealt so honestly with the ageing of its juvenile leads, with them all seeming to grow up quicker on screen than they were in real life.’
      • ‘In a movie universe dominated by ageless action heroes and charmless juvenile leads, he is an authentic grown-up.’
      • ‘John had once been actor-handsome, the juvenile lead.’
      • ‘A couple of horrible juvenile leads ruin the early childhood scenes.’
      • ‘The picture is pitched to the music-video crowd and for good measure has the juvenile lead complain that his grandfather's house lacks MTV.’
      • ‘Manners maketh the man and the golfer is behaving like a juvenile lead who has lost his audience.’
      • ‘Weldon, fresh from playing Edmund in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, makes for a likeable juvenile lead.’
      • ‘Things liven up a little when Captain Hook hits the decks and looks as if he may dispatch several of the juvenile leads with the lack of compassion that they deserve.’
      • ‘Watch out for a different player in the role of the Dame and a juvenile lead with bags of drive and initiative.’
      • ‘Like other former juvenile leads who've appeared in too many romantic comedies, he has been consistently underestimated as an actor.’