Definition of justly in English:



  • 1According to what is morally right or fair; fairly.

    ‘we deal justly with complaints’
    • ‘Implacable malice will justly be punished with irreparable ruin.’
    • ‘God treats his enemies with justice and teaches his children to deal with others justly and with mercy.’
    • ‘Benton was a standard bearer for what came to be called Manifest Destiny, the idea that the United States was justly fated to fill the continent.’
    • ‘It will happen when each of us begins to act justly, and only with love.’
    • ‘Only the triumph of nonviolence, secured through just laws justly applied, will bring the terrorists down.’
    • ‘Aristotle said that all virtue is summed up in dealing justly.’
    • ‘They have by their very nature to stand for peace and educate people in forming their consciences to act justly and peacefully.’
    • ‘And he would declare that they were compatible with sincere pain at the anguish of a justly punished culprit.’
    • ‘To follow Christ means to love, to serve, and to treat others justly.’
    • ‘Consequently, success is not measured by who is justified, but by who is willing to live justly with the other.’
    • ‘We should not ask, Why treat people justly?’
    • ‘The wretched uncles were justly punished by being sent to Siberia for life.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, when the masses justly resist, it is an honor and an obligation to stand in support of such resistance.’
    • ‘How could such a global triage be executed justly?’
    • ‘It was then proved to him that even his own principle did not justly apply here.’
    • ‘The rule of law means one thing: enforcement of the law fairly and justly for everyone.’
    • ‘I undertake to apply the rules fairly and justly, to achieve that balance.’
    • ‘True, many individuals and groups justly received land or compensation for that of which they had been robbed by previous governments.’
    • ‘All he can do to protect himself is to pay into court what is justly due or what the plaintiff may prove likely to recover.’
    • ‘Of these, equity, the feeling of being treated justly, is the most critical.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is well founded; justifiably.
      ‘we can justly be proud of our achievements’
      • ‘There are many on our side, whom you will not acknowledge to be good men, but whom we consider as such, and in whom we may justly boast.’
      • ‘I think that's a point about which American patriots can be justly proud.’
      • ‘The climax of the film is a justly celebrated sequence in which the camera glides over a crowded dancefloor to pick out the true murderer.’
      • ‘He was highly honoured within the scientific community, and justly so.’
      • ‘That stated, it has to be reported that it held the first night audience's attention and justly merited their cheers.’
      • ‘As his train pulled out of Wigan on the way back to London he noticed something which led to this justly famous passage.’
      • ‘His advocacy on a wide range of human rights issues is something of which he can be justly proud.’
      • ‘He laid emphasis on the use of local ingredients, and can justly be regarded as one of the earliest regional cookery writers.’
      • ‘Scholarly literature justly notes that Russia has so far failed to put in place a developed body of social legislation of a social-minded state.’
      • ‘When you and your sweetie have bent across the table to share the justly celebrated roast chicken, battling for the last luscious scrap of bread salad, you'll know why.’
      • ‘Despite some recent speculation to the contrary, he now looks certain to be given the time and space to deliver on a venture that he can justly claim as his.’
      • ‘If he had never directed another picture, he would be justly famous for this incredible film alone.’
      • ‘But calling them evil and justly honoring the courage of the men and women who gave their lives is not a political analysis.’
      • ‘Today, its historic buildings house a unique health and environmental research institute that justly deserves its international reputation.’
      • ‘The last scene of the book is justly renowned.’
      • ‘Only posthumously would he reap the literary acclaim he so justly deserved.’
      • ‘They are justly proud of the record, which explains why, in a 13-song set, they play all 10 tracks.’
      • ‘Even though France is justly famous for the most amazing dairy products on earth, for some reason, the milk selection is sorely lacking.’
      • ‘So ignorance gave her a confidence in herself that she was not justly entitled to.’
      • ‘So, many officers justly believe that it is high time stiffer penalties be imposed for indiscipline.’
      justifiably, with reason, with good reason, legitimately, rightly, rightfully, properly, deservedly, by rights
      fairly, with fairness, equitably, even-handedly, impartially, without bias, objectively, without prejudice, without fear or favour
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