Definition of justified in English:



  • 1Having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason.

    ‘the doctors were justified in treating her’
    • ‘There is no justified reason to desire conflict with these countries.’
    • ‘In spite of all these justified reasons, I cannot help but wonder: are we paying too much attention to winning?’
    • ‘I think that most Politicians will argue that there are four morally justified reasons for punishment…’
    • ‘However, there's more of a justified reason there.’
    • ‘Preemptive attacks are generally regarded as justified in self-defense.’
    • ‘Although we are continually shown reasons for justified hatred toward Joseph, we never get a glimpse of his endearing side.’
    • ‘During the sweeps, police anti-truancy vans visit schools and officers visit every child absent from school without a justified reason on that day.’
    • ‘But deep under those sentiments there are also justified reasons for the resentment.’
    • ‘If so, are we more justified in shifting from pro-war to anti-war if we are on the ground?’
    • ‘Should I not be so frightened, or am I completely justified in wanting out of a culture of video games?’
    • ‘It's one of the reasons why the album is a justified classic.’
    • ‘But is she really justified in pronouncing the mystery solved?’
    • ‘Such a grim outlook is not justified, for two reasons.’
    • ‘Their goal is simply to cause terror without a justified reason.’
    • ‘There was a justified reason for his multiple rash actions.’
    • ‘Riley lists all the calm, logical, perfectly justified reasons that she's angry.’
    • ‘We are being forced to leave our forests not for well founded or justified reasons, but because of habit.’
    • ‘Since Johnson's legitimate and completely justified request Jordan has come out in the press and said that Johnson will be playing his football at Selhurst Park next season.’
    • ‘Thompson points out that the first clause of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that all rights can be restricted if there is a justified reason to do so.’
    • ‘We kill animals every day of the year, sometimes for sport, sometimes for humane justified reasons.’
    valid, sound, well founded, well grounded, justifiable, warranted, warrantable, defensible, defendable, legitimate, reasonable, logical
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  • 2Theology
    Declared or made righteous in the sight of God.

    • ‘The Resurrection removes the fear of judgment in the next life from the justified believer.’
    • ‘He saw the theological elaborations of his country as a justified, elected, and righteous empire to be a form of blasphemy.’
    • ‘We distinguish them because we jealously guard the glory of Christ, but we never divide them because the inevitable fruit of a justified life is a sanctified life.’
    • ‘Hampson sees in these differing understanding of the justified self the expression of two structures of thought and faith which are reverse images of each other.’
    • ‘The agreement proclaimed ‘a consensus in basic truths’ on how sinners are justified, or deemed righteous, in God's sight.’
  • 3Printing
    Having been adjusted so that the print fills a space evenly or forms a straight line at the margin.

    in combination ‘the output is left-justified’
    ‘a neatly justified list of names’
    ‘justified right margins’
    • ‘The print blocks, with their justified margins, look like squares and are placed in the upper part of their respective pages.’
    • ‘Other student-poets cleaved to the justified left margin; still others wrote in paragraphs.’
    • ‘The myth is that ragged-right type implies ‘soft’ or feature material, while justified type represents serious hard news.’
    • ‘The name broke down nicely into four justified lines.’
    • ‘And here is a GIF image of a typeset version with justified lines, as the author wishes it to be seen.’