Definition of just quietly in English:

just quietly


NZ, Australian
  • Confidentially.

    • ‘These companies don't just quietly produce quality clothing that is sweatshop-free - they broadcast their social mission loud and clear.’
    • ‘But, no, we just quietly wiped out 30 percent of the revenue of pharmacies.’
    • ‘We just quietly have negotiations with them and don't negotiate in public.’
    • ‘Then, after all the fuss, they'll just quietly send them on to New Zealand.’
    • ‘But, just quietly, I think there's something very creepy about breeding thousands of living things for the purpose of being killed and eaten by a ravenous human market accustomed to its luxuries.’
    • ‘And just quietly; an extremely over-rated captain too.’
    • ‘Their second album should be out in April… just quietly, I've heard a few tracks, and it's sounding sublime.’