Definition of just a minute (or moment, or second, etc.) in English:

just a minute (or moment, or second, etc.)


  • 1Used to ask someone to wait or pause for a short time.

    ‘just a minute—my friend's left something behind’
    • ‘‘Wait just a second, Xena I need to talk to you’ Ares said, while running up to them.’
    • ‘Wait just a second; let me finish up this coffee and I'll make you some breakfast.’
    • ‘‘Now wait just a second,’ Jordan began, her anger rising as she began to storm toward him.’
    • ‘We'll get to that in just a second, but do me a favor take me back to January 10, 2005, 4: 00 p.m. Iraqi time.’
    • ‘Wait just a second, disengage your magnetic boots, everyone.’
    • ‘And I think he'll say, wait a minute, just a second because he knows only one thing, this is a very selfish and extraordinarily vicious man.’
    • ‘Catching my eye he nodded and signaled to wait just a second.’
    • ‘Something unusual about this one caught my eye however - hang on just a second.’
    • ‘Wait for just a second or two more and surely the output will be different.’
    wait, wait a minute, just a moment, just a second, stay here, stay put, remain here
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    1. 1.1 Used to interrupt someone, especially in protest or disagreement.
      ‘‘They know what to do.’ ‘Now just a moment!’ the American interrupted’
      • ‘But just a second - a lot of this seems to have happened because Buffy dies, and I'm injured trying to save her.’
      • ‘Well, actually, let me brag just a second about Larry.’
      • ‘But I want to share a picture with you anyhow, so just a second here…’
      • ‘And Congressman Rangel, if you could hold on just a second, I want to bring the conversation here at home.’
      • ‘Let me interrupt you for just a second here.’
      • ‘They almost always call back and I say ‘Yes yes, just a second, I have my boss on the other line, please hold.’’
      • ‘If I could break in for just a second, I just want to bounce off what the other speaker just said, which I found fascinating.’
      • ‘Barbara, let me interrupt you for just a second.’
      • ‘I'm going to ask you guys to hold on just a second.’
      • ‘Gentlemen, just a second, let me just set the record straight here and I think we can reach agreement.’
      • ‘I have sympathy for the circumstances they found themselves in, but just a second, let me make this absolutely clear.’
      • ‘Robyn, let me interrupt you for just a second if I could with a question because you know a lot of people out there, today, are thinking I've got to go out and find something right now.’