Definition of jurywoman in English:


nounPlural jurywomen

  • A woman serving on a jury.

    ‘this was reported to the judge by a jurywoman’
    • ‘Mrs Jones was impressed with her status as a jurywoman.’
    • ‘She strategically places her reader in the position of judge or jurywoman — an act suggesting how much the book might owe to the tradition of earlier “confessional” literature.’
    • ‘The matter is not entirely free from doubt, but I am not persuaded the Judge failed to assure himself that the doubt raised by the jurywoman's remark was not really removed by her subsequent conduct.’
    • ‘What would your wife say when you got home after being locked up with a pretty jury woman?’
    • ‘"Is there any evidence to show that he was starving?" asked one of the jurywomen.’
    • ‘This was reported to the judge by a jurywoman and he referred the matter to the director of public prosecutions.’
    • ‘I am immensely impressed by the way in which the British juryman and jurywoman simply sits down to do this disagreeable duty though the heavens fall.’
    • ‘Remembering that day when he came back from California, describing it to the jurywoman, he saw himself as if he were somebody else, as if he were the town looking on.’
    • ‘Seated in the center was the presiding jurywoman, an octogenarian from Argentina.’
    • ‘He orders the witch to repel the charge of sorcery by the oath of sixteen women, so these jurywomen must have been often exposed to peremptory challenges.’
    • ‘Women made their first appearance as jurors in the King's Bench Courts in 1921, and one jurywoman signalised the innovation by knitting in the box whilst listening to the evidence.’