Definition of junta in English:



  • 1A military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force.

    ‘the country's ruling military junta’
    • ‘Yesterday's election for the presidency and 36 state governorships was a litmus test for democracy in a country which has spent most of its 43 years since independence governed by military juntas.’
    • ‘It is parties, military juntas, organised groups that are the actors on the political stage, that ‘take power‘; it is states and parties that then exercise power.’’
    • ‘Over 30,000 people were killed as a military junta which seized power in 1976 unleashed terror against all opposition.’
    • ‘As prime minister he handed over power to a military junta in 1971.’
    • ‘In 1967 a military junta overthrew the government in Greece and established a brutal regime of oppression.’
    • ‘Left unanswered by the high court ruling is whether new charges can be brought against the surviving members of the former military juntas.’
    • ‘Menem completed the free-market ‘revolution’ that the military junta had begun.’
    • ‘Yet it was Allende's government that betrayed the Chilean working class and delivered it into the hands of the military junta.’
    • ‘Both Argentina and Chile, for example, granted general amnesties to the military juntas that ruled them throughout the 1970s and 1980s.’
    • ‘Though the play takes a dig at skewed US values, it is set in a fictional Latin American nation ruled by a military junta.’
    • ‘In the 1960s the Ecuadorian Communist Party hailed the military junta that came to power with the backing of the CIA.’
    • ‘An embargo against the military junta of the day meant they couldn't sell the coffee right away, but they still needed firewood to cook.’
    • ‘A brutal military junta rules Burma, while repressive Communist regimes control Laos and Vietnam.’
    • ‘In November 1963 a military junta staged a coup d'état and killed President Diem.’
    • ‘And he supported at the beginning a criminal military junta, the junta which was presided over by Ongania.’
    • ‘A military junta plans to rule the Islamic nation for up to two years.’
    • ‘In 1968 a left-wing military junta seized power, seeking to nationalize US-controlled industries.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the real issue, the behavior of the military junta that rules the state, continues to frustrate the world.’
    • ‘As government forces suffered defeat after defeat, the military junta needed a scapegoat.’
    • ‘A military junta seized power and established Iraq as a republic.’
    faction, group, cabal, clique, party, set, ring, gang, league, confederacy
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  • 2historical A deliberative or administrative council in Spain or Portugal.

    • ‘It is said that the Central Junta of the Carlist organization is to meet today to discuss means to procure funds to support an insurrection in Catalonia.’
    • ‘A Supreme Central Junta met in Aranjuez on 25 September 1808.’


Early 17th century (in junta (sense 2)): from Spanish and Portuguese, from Latin juncta, feminine past participle of jungere ‘to join’.