Definition of junkyard in English:



North American
  • A place where scrap is collected before being recycled or discarded; a scrapyard.

    • ‘At one point we got lost and had to exit into an industrial wasteland of junkyards filled with old bathroom fixtures.’
    • ‘Most definitely; it would still be parked pier side, looking like some old tin can in a rusted out junkyard.’
    • ‘And he was asked that question by a soldier, who said that he had to go through some junkyards looking for armor to put on his vehicle so that he would feel safe.’
    • ‘He also, quite obviously, invites us to make a connection between his transformation of junkyard scraps and the untapped potential of those who have been discarded by society.’
    • ‘In the junkyard, for the first time, Maya is independent and surrounded by friendly people of all races.’
    • ‘They scoured junkyards for tube ends and pressure gauges and stripped old ovens bare for dials and piping.’
    • ‘Juvenile crime focused primarily on merchants or less organized forms of thievery in semipublic areas such as dumps, junkyards, and railroad yards.’
    • ‘Thus parts of the city - dumps, landfills and junkyards - are both unpeopled and unclaimed, yet perversely organic in the manner in which junk simply accumulates and grows.’
    • ‘Consumers are creating a huge electronic junkyard, which could pose a serious health and environmental hazard.’
    • ‘As I slowly made my way through the dark, crowded junkyard, I felt a smile creeping across my face.’
    • ‘It sure runs better than you'd expect from a pile of junkyard scrap.’
    • ‘Specifically, motor vehicles deployed within the region were susceptible to explosive attacks, and many army personnel had found themselves raiding junkyards to create makeshift armour in order to protect themselves.’
    • ‘Not long ago, teams fashioned their engines from junkyard castoff engine blocks, and a good length of plumbing pipe made a nifty set of headers.’
    • ‘Here is the junkyard, not as a repository of useless and discreet things, but as the living space of the working artist.’
    • ‘What we see is function cobbled together out of scrap from the junkyard.’
    • ‘Billy helped Tinguely scavenge dumps and junkyards in the New Jersey Meadowlands for the motors and wheels and other detritus that would compose his giant kinetic heap.’
    • ‘A second option is to try to find a set at a junkyard.’
    • ‘The minute viewers enter the Winter Garden theater, they step into a magnificent and magical junkyard.’
    • ‘I don't think vandals would waste their time on her out-dated piece of junkyard scrap metal.’
    • ‘And later on, you'll have plenty of junkyard parts to choose from too, since what's popular on the roads eventually becomes popular in junkyards.’
    dump, refuse dump, rubbish dump, refuse heap, rubbish heap, refuse tip, rubbish tip, dumping ground, dustheap, slag heap
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