Definition of jumpy in English:


adjectivejumpiest, jumpier

  • 1(of a person) anxious and uneasy.

    ‘he was tired and jumpy’
    • ‘He didn't know why he was so jumpy lately, every little thing scared him.’
    • ‘Of course she would be jumpy, especially if she expected him to kill her.’
    • ‘He was so jumpy at every sound he thought he'd overdose on adrenaline.’
    • ‘We stayed in Bali for about six weeks after the bomb and I was very jumpy.’
    • ‘‘I can't believe you're so jumpy about where I'm coming from and what my angle is,’ I snap.’
    • ‘Fear makes people jumpy and apprehensive, and more apt to resort to violence.’
    • ‘Kathleen winced as his temper rose; she was jumpy and nervous now because of his actions but once again surprised at his words.’
    • ‘Usually I use it to calm my nerves if I'm jumpy for some reason.’
    • ‘I was jumpy, but in a good mood for the first time that week.’
    • ‘I couldn't sit still, I was jumpy and anxious especially about meeting Erica.’
    • ‘That day, Sebastien had been feeling anxious and jumpy all day long.’
    • ‘But I was extra jumpy because my mom was in town visiting me at the time.’
    • ‘My palms were clammy, I was jumpy, and my parents were standing right behind me.’
    • ‘She was always jumpy around everyone, rarely ever relaxing her guard.’
    • ‘We were so jumpy, we scooted off to wait outside instead.’
    • ‘He was jumpy and apprehensive, and most likely wouldn't have been able to hit anything even surrounding the small oracle if pressed to.’
    • ‘She was constantly jumpy whenever someone mentioned my mother, and we eventually stopped hanging around each other.’
    • ‘He was jumpy, impatient; both things Mikey had never been in his life.’
    • ‘He says that since starting the job he is less jumpy and no longer afraid of the dark.’
    • ‘He was more jumpy than I was and he kept checking his watch.’
    nervous, on edge, edgy, tense, anxious, ill at ease, unrelaxed, in a state of nerves, in a state of agitation, fretful, uneasy, restless, fidgety, worked up, keyed up, overwrought, wrought up, strung out, on tenterhooks, on pins and needles, with one's stomach in knots, worried, apprehensive, strained
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    1. 1.1 Characterized by abrupt stops and starts or an irregular course.
      ‘a jumpy pulse’
      • ‘There must be more relaxing ways to reach the last eight, but via their third bumpy, jumpy display in a row, France finally got there last night.’
      • ‘Until we had moved three of four more stops up the line it was a jumpy, hesitant, tedious process.’
      • ‘Then it turned and ran, the camera portraying a jumpy image as the guy ran.’
      • ‘Excellent, a whole meal of stomach butterflies, jumpy heartbeats, racing pulses, and having to watch my step.’
      • ‘Too much sensitivity will make the lights too jumpy, which increases driver strain.’
      • ‘The script is remarkably similar which means there are too many very very short scenes which of course work brilliantly on film but here everything just feels jumpy and unfinished.’
      • ‘Then the TV glows to life and fills with jumpy, amateur-hour footage of some kind of mass convulsion.’
      jerky, jolting
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