Definition of jumbie in English:



West Indian
  • A spirit of a dead person, typically an evil one.

    • ‘In areas where there is an absence of street lighting and little vehicular traffic it is said that jumbies abound, and it would take more than an average brave person to get home after midnight without company.’
    • ‘And why should our architects continue to fight over the restoration and preservation of a turn-of-the-century wooden building on Riverside Road, which only jumbies use?’
    • ‘There are folk beliefs in jumbies (ghosts, spirits).’
    • ‘Ficus trees, with numerous tangled root shoots and tall, dense crowns, were signature trees of the islands, well known as the favorite haunt of jumbies.’
    • ‘In Creole culture, evil spirits are known as jumbies, and it was hard to imagine three better examples than the government's main mouthpieces.’


From Kikongo zumbi ‘fetish’.