Definition of Jugendstil in English:



  • German term for art nouveau
    • ‘The room's design and the products displayed were examples of Jugendstil, the turn-of-the-century movement that created a modern style of applied art.’
    • ‘In other countries Klimt was hailed as a successful and important artist and one of the leading Austrian exponents of Jugendstil.’
    • ‘In Germany it was called Jugendstil, in Italy Stile Liberty, in Austria Sezession and in Spain Modernista or Modernismo.’
    • ‘His early prints reflect the mannered linearism of Jugendstil, the German version of Art Nouveau.’
    • ‘They start in the realms of Jugendstil, move through various kinds of Neoclassicism, touch on Expressionism, then turn reluctantly Modernist before reverting to epic Neoclassicism under Hitler.’


German, from Jugend ‘youth’ + Stil ‘style’.