Definition of Judenrat in English:



  • A council representing a Jewish community, especially in German-occupied territory during the Second World War.

    • ‘The ghettos throughout the Reich territory were administered by a Judenrat, which acted as a steady source of informants and active collaborators for the Nazi authorities.’
    • ‘This is just a quick moment in the book, but I'm blogging it because it reminds me to mention the excellent book on the Judenrat by my grandfather, Leonard Tushnet.’
    • ‘When that failed to help, the Judenrat was ordered to make the wall higher, at the expense of the Jews, of course.’
    • ‘In each ghetto the Germans set up a Jewish council, called the Judenrat.’
    • ‘The Judenrat and Jewish police were responsible for making the selections of Jews for transportation or death as demanded by the Germans.’


German, ‘Jewish council’.