Definition of Judaize in English:


(British Judaise)


[with object]
  • 1Make Jewish; convert to Judaism.

    ‘their cultures were gradually Judaized’
    • ‘The island is not only Judaized by action and iconography, but it is closely tied to the Jewish Bible as well.’
    • ‘By Judaizing the adventure tale, the great beyond is made seemingly accessible to any Jew.’
    • ‘Secularize the schools, and you can then Judaize the universities.’
    • ‘The prayers to God are also a way to Judaize the foreign terrain of the island.’
    • ‘The text of Robinson Crusoe legitimates the Jewish author, and the Jewish author in turn legitimates Defoe's narrative by Judaizing it.’
    1. 1.1no object Follow Jewish customs or religious rites.
      ‘the ‘conversos’ were engaged in Judaizing’
      • ‘Jews who cherish their national and cultural identity are not necessarily Judaizing.’


Late 16th century: from Christian Latin judaizare, from Greek ioudaizein, from Ioudaios (see Jew).