Definition of Josephson junction in English:

Josephson junction


  • An electrical device in which two superconducting metals are separated by a thin layer of insulator, across which an electric current may flow in the absence of a potential difference. The current may be made to oscillate in proportion to an applied potential difference.

    • ‘The work reported in Science creates qubits from superconducting circuit elements called Josephson junctions.’
    • ‘Such a structure, called a Josephson junction, has for years been widely fabricated for superconductive electronic devices and hybrid circuits.’
    • ‘The gap between the two superconducting layers in a Josephson junction is called the ‘weak link’.’
    • ‘‘It's not a single-issue subject like making an optical computer or a Josephson junction computer,’ said Prof Popescu.’
    • ‘If MgB2 does have the properties Cardwell suggests, it could be used to improve microwave devices and Josephson junctions, effectively superconducting transistors.’


1960s: named after Brian D. Josephson (born 1940), British physicist.


Josephson junction