Definition of jook in English:



[WITH OBJECT]West Indian
  • Pierce, poke, or stab:

    ‘a hoe to jook the ground in the yard’
    ‘he jook the knife in the sheep and kill it dead one time’
    • ‘Why don't these two cats just rent out a boxing ring, invite the press, hire a ref, get regulation gloves and quit jooking’ each other, as they say north of 125th street in Manhattan.’
    • ‘They were interlopers on another level; they didn't just want a quick jook, they wanted land and bodies, and they cut down the forest and penetrated the land to have their way.’
    • ‘Then I jooked it into his foot and it started bleeding and I saved the day, and tha's my story!’
    • ‘I hope that if any more jooking takes place for the season you will be the donor and not the recipient!’
    • ‘But, as Hurston found, the jooks were certainly not ‘safe.’’


Of uncertain origin: perhaps from a West African language, or related to jouk.