Definition of jollytail in English:



  • another term for inanga
    • ‘Examples of Australian names are balmainer, dingo fish, fiddler ray, flake, hardyhead, jollytail, jumping joey, mouth almighty, and snotty.’
    • ‘There are yabbies and jollytails in the lakes and streams.’
    • ‘Galaxiids are sometimes referred to as native trout, minnows or jollytails.’
    • ‘Amongst the ichthyologic fauna of fresh waters we have the the zebra trout and the common jollytail.’
    • ‘Among the many endemic fishes is Murray jollytail, the primitive spotted Bonytongue, and the migratory Australian grayling, which may be the only living member of its genus and is considered vulnerable.’
    • ‘Adult jollytails live in the lower reaches of streams and migrate down to estuaries in the autumn to spawn.’
    • ‘Lower down, Galaxias maculatus (jollytail) were found trapped in the creek by nearby building works.’
    • ‘Even the lake-dwelling jollytails are migratory and travel up small streams to spawn.’