Definition of joint owner in English:

joint owner


  • One of two or more people or organizations that share ownership of something.

    ‘the three women were joint owners of the company’
    • ‘As well as a legal agreement, it is vital for all joint owners to make a will in which they stipulate who inherits their share of the property should they die.’
    • ‘She was granted legal aid for the trial, as her share of the proceeds of the pub, of which she was a joint owner, were frozen.’
    • ‘The group of business people planned to revamp the club on the model of Real Madrid, with around 30 joint owners each investing in the business.’
    • ‘As joint owners, parents would be entitled to a share of any growth in value of the property.’
    • ‘He testified the home belonged to his common-law wife, but he was listed as a joint owner.’
    • ‘The joint owner's second horse was a non-runner in the Paddy Power Festival 3-year-old hurdle on the same day.’
    • ‘He had been registered as the joint owner since at least 1981.’
    • ‘The joint owners plan to undertake a significant refurbishment and extension programme at the centre.’
    • ‘Williams said that he owned one of the flats in the large building and was refusing to sell up to the other joint owners.’
    • ‘The couple are joint owners in the trust, each with a 50-percent stake.’