Definition of joint meeting in English:

joint meeting


  • A meeting attended by members of two or more separate bodies.

    ‘he has called a joint meeting of top officials from both ministries’
    • ‘The joint meetings focus on an important international financial problem and try to develop a policy position and statement.’
    • ‘Eventually a joint meeting was held on site, attended by Mr Brown, Mr Jones, Mr Strong, and Mrs Freeman.’
    • ‘I was glad to contribute, for it established that joint meetings could reward both participants.’
    • ‘This year's joint meeting will discuss the IMF international sovereign debt bankruptcy proposal.’
    • ‘One way to do this is to work with other established organizations through joint meetings and ventures.’
    • ‘This plan will be developed and refined in a series of joint meetings bringing together all U.S. and international stakeholders.’
    • ‘A joint meeting involving the Plaintiff, a union representative and Taylor then took place.’
    • ‘This is a joint meeting with the Botanical Society of the British Isles.’
    • ‘We also met with the Minister, and told him to arrange a joint meeting between us and members of the Buddhist clergy.’
    • ‘Last time, the court had told the organisers and petitioners to hold a joint meeting and try to resolve the problem amicably.’