Definition of joinery in English:



mass noun
  • 1The wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames, viewed collectively.

    ‘the timber is in demand for furniture and interior joinery’
    • ‘So, as of this weekend, my home is filled with furniture which was previously in my grandmother's unit, most of it in the same dark joinery of my home.’
    • ‘Working alone, Stevens produces his furniture from resawn veneers and air-dried solid wood using traditional joinery.’
    • ‘Most lattice panels of this region and period were made of many small components held together by complex joinery.’
    • ‘The house has highly decorated interiors with lavish plasterwork, inlaid floors and exquisite joinery.’
    • ‘It boasts many original features including joinery, fireplaces, window boxes and timber ceilings.’
    • ‘Botched proportions, crude swing-hinge ‘Georgian’ windows and clumsy joinery are the norm.’
    • ‘The massive walls work well as heat sinks, but the beautiful timber walls, with all their complex joinery, are too porous to hold heat.’
    • ‘In this way it can help the owner of a property to get the right sort of windows, joinery or plaster finish on their building.’
    • ‘Connoisseurs of American furniture have always taken a hard line about joinery.’
    • ‘To make a room feel more spacious, use cool colours and paint joinery and walls the same shade.’
    • ‘That sensibility is inevitably - and necessarily manifest in the components and joinery of the building.’
    • ‘Teak furniture is generally all made with mortise and tendon joinery.’
    • ‘Timber framing refers to a specific type of post and beam construction in which solid wood timbers are joined by means of traditional wooden joinery.’
    • ‘A log building expert analyzed features such as handwrought nails, log joinery, and floor plans.’
    • ‘The cost of joinery in the main debating chamber has more than doubled, from £5m to almost £12m.’
    • ‘He and his colleagues repair roofs, aluminum joinery and vertical walls of skyscrapers.’
    • ‘They toured the house, which is in an intact state with all its original plaster-work, joinery and fireplaces, and much of the original furniture.’
    • ‘There is an excellent range of colours and it makes superb flooring panelling, joinery and furniture.’
    • ‘This rawness plays against the finesse of the timber joinery and gives the interiors a fresh edge.’
    • ‘Router bits and shaper cutters are available in several profiles, making it easy to achieve traditional door frame joinery.’
    1. 1.1 The activity or skill of a joiner.
      ‘he quickly mastered the techniques of joinery’
      • ‘He was looking for under-utilised joinery skills, a resourceful design team as well as local supplies of timber.’
      • ‘Apart from building sites, the other locations for members were the many joinery shops which prefabricated doors and frames.’
      • ‘A joiner by trade, Stuart has a lifelong passion for boating and has used his joinery skills to update parts of the former lifeboat.’
      • ‘He got involved in wood-work, learning the fine points of joinery and carpentry.’
      • ‘Pat and son Fergus are involved in the Bolger family joinery and furniture business at Wells, Royal Oak.’
      • ‘He is planning to teach his joinery skills to people in the area so they can rebuild their homes.’
      • ‘Trainees can specialize in two-year courses in joinery, metalwork, agricultural machinery maintenance, and construction skills.’
      • ‘The craft centre also offers tuition for the public who will be trained in joinery skills and the use of the equipment.’
      • ‘John Joe O'Reilly, lecturer in carpentry and joinery said: ‘We are delighted with their achievements.’’
      • ‘Said Robert: ‘Boat building was very different from ordinary joinery.’’
      • ‘Even students who are funnelled to the ‘trades’ will need to be trained to work in plumbing and joinery as the applied sciences they are.’
      • ‘The two Stuarts travelled with a group including part-time lecturer in carpentry and joinery, James Henderson.’
      • ‘It was only a series of coincidences that saw Gary enter the theatrical world, instead of the world of joinery.’
      • ‘Hemmings went on to execute the woodwork as well as more sophisticated joinery work, including doors and window sashes, at Poplar Forest.’
      • ‘The workshop will also include a degree of joinery and painting of the finished forms.’
      • ‘Mr Stevenson offers all general building services including plastering, joinery and brickwork.’
      • ‘What is disclosed is that he first cut his teeth in the family joinery and building business alongside his father and uncle.’
      • ‘‘I was inspired by him because of his joinery, his designs and his personality,’ said Ahadi.’
      • ‘Henry soon realised that his son was as skilled in design as he was in construction and moved his son from joinery to architecture.’
      • ‘As an Instructor in carpentry and joinery at Fás in Ballytivnan, Basil is more than qualified to lead this team.’