Definition of Johannisberg in English:


(also Johannisberg Riesling)


  • 1The chief variety of the Riesling wine grape, originating in Germany and widely grown in California and elsewhere.

    • ‘Several different grape varieties include Riesling in their name, including the Johannisbergs or White Rieslings of California.’
    • ‘For example, I now know that Johannisberg Rieslings are a pretty safe bet for my limited palette.’
    • ‘Riesling, or more specifically Johannisberg Riesling is one of the oldest and noblest of all white wine grapes.’
    • ‘Late harvest Johannisberg Rieslings are very sweet, and make excellent dessert wines.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A white wine made from the Johannisberg grape.
      • ‘Other names for true Riesling are Johannisberg Riesling (named after the famed Schloss Johannisberg) and White Riesling.’
      • ‘Flowery Traminers and Johannisberg Rieslings are made by Worden's Washington Winery, outside Spokane.’
      • ‘This Johannisberg Riesling has refreshing honeysuckle flavor with hints of peach and apricot and a long and pleasant finish.’
      • ‘He bought a bottle of 2003 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Johannisberg Riesling.’
      • ‘It was suggested that the only American Riesling worth drinking is the Johannisberg variety, so I was pleased that was the one that Ian kindly left us in our fridge.’
      • ‘In the summer, enjoy a chilled glass of Johannisberg Riesling with fresh strawberries and cheeses.’
      • ‘Both the dry & off-dry Johannisberg Rieslings are really good there too.’
      • ‘The bright flavors of our Johannisberg Riesling are especially delicious with lighter foods, such as appetizers, salads, smoked cold cuts and cheeses.’
      • ‘True Riesling wine is sometimes hard to identify because it is sold as both Johannisberg Riesling and White Riesling in North America.’
      • ‘Some success has even been achieved in making dry-styled Gewurztraminers and Johannisberg Rieslings from Russian River Valley grapes.’
      • ‘Hogue Cellars and Hyatt Vineyards both have excellent Johannisberg Rieslings that pair wonderfully with steamed crab or tarragon grilled chicken.’
      • ‘At Dr. Frank's Vinifera Wine Cellars in Hammondsport, they have already released their 2004 vintage Dry and Johannisberg Rieslings.’


From the name of a castle and village on the Rhine, Germany, where it was originally produced.