Definition of jog along in English:

jog along

phrasal verb

  • Continue in a steady, uneventful way.

    ‘our marriage worked and we jogged along’
    • ‘If a club doesn't have a long term plan then it can become directionless and just jog along or, worse, slip backwards.’
    • ‘Low long-term interest rates keep the recovery jogging along.’
    • ‘If nothing else, the song jogs along to a fun, poppy beat.’
    • ‘Not for him the calm certainties of jogging along with the mainstream church; he constantly sought certainty, even if it was of a negative kind.’
    • ‘Business jogged along nicely for a decade.’
    • ‘We are a positive advertisement for just jogging along, not rocking too many boats, not getting over-excited.’
    • ‘After an 'incident' we jog along, sometimes for quite long periods, before there is a feeling of growing tension and I know there is going to be another outburst, after which the sequence repeats itself.’
    • ‘Clearly there was enough cooperation to allow the system to jog along - but not enough to satisfy higher authorities.’
    • ‘While the Premiership was dominated by United and Arsenal the pair could jog along at home before Christmas, keeping an eye on each other but keeping most of their powder dry for the group stages.’
    • ‘In subsequent political regimes in France, one virtually constant factor has been a determination to separate the church from the state, simply to ensure that citizens can manage to jog along together.’
    continue, proceed, go, go on, carry on
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