Definition of jobseeker's allowance in English:

jobseeker's allowance


  • A benefit paid by the state to a person who is unemployed and looking for work.

    • ‘There is a reduction in underlying estimates for contributory jobseeker's allowance of approximately 20 million due to lower unemployment assumptions.’
    • ‘They live off a jobseeker's allowance or other benefits.’
    • ‘This is offset by a decrease in incapacity benefit and contributory jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘The sort of record that makes you thankful for the existence of the jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘All the others depend on jobseeker's allowance, which imposes stiff penalties on people who fail to seek work.’
    • ‘Of 600 made redundant since July 2002, 33 are claiming jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘Mr Pearce said the course does not affect benefits such as jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘The entitlement of the appellant to jobseeker's allowance ceased on 1 June 1999.’
    • ‘The legislation makes it clear that there is only one jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘For the immediate period after he loses his job, he will be entitled to jobseeker's allowance based on his contribution record.’
    • ‘Those signing on for jobseeker's allowance will be under an obligation to take part in the language-learning opportunities wherever possible or face " benefit sanctions ".’
    • ‘Recipients of income support or income-based jobseeker's allowance will automatically receive the full amount of child tax credit.’
    • ‘A jobseeker's allowance is payable in respect of a week.’
    • ‘The move is aimed at the district's 26,150 people on incapacity benefit and 9,200 on jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘Estimated expenditure on contribution-based jobseeker's allowance has also been reduced slightly, due to a reduction in the assumed level of unemployment.’
    • ‘The appellant is not entitled to jobseeker's allowance from and including 1 June 1999 to 13 June 1999 inclusive.’
    • ‘This provision therefore did not prevent Mr Kanidagli from being entitled to income support and a jobseeker's allowance.’
    • ‘She also allegedly made dishonest claims for jobseeker's allowance and income support.’
    • ‘The next benefits to be put on line are likely to be full jobseeker's allowance, followed by child benefit and tax credits.’
    • ‘These are defined as compulsory full-time community activities that will be exchanged for the pittance that is jobseekers' allowance.’