Definition of job satisfaction in English:

job satisfaction


mass noun
  • A feeling of fulfilment or enjoyment that a person derives from their job.

    ‘levels of job satisfaction have actually risen over the past decade’
    • ‘Your salary is important, but perks and flexibility can make just as much difference to job satisfaction.’
    • ‘Most workers rate job satisfaction, getting on with colleagues and decent treatment by their managers ahead of receiving a bonus.’
    • ‘Developers derive more job satisfaction out of the quality of their work than the quantity.’
    • ‘Fatigued employees are less efficient, make poor decisions and have lower job satisfaction, the report states.’
    • ‘However, she feels that the job satisfaction will more than make up for any reservations she has.’
    • ‘However, if staff can perform some or all of their work from home, you'll reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction.’
    • ‘This opportunity offers unsurpassed job satisfaction and is highly rewarding to both tutor and learners.’
    • ‘The survey also revealed that Italian architects experience some of the lowest job satisfaction rates in Europe.’
    • ‘This is an award winning firm with an unmatchable reputation for client service, technical expertise and job satisfaction.’
    • ‘For most, the personal interaction with patients and thrill of helping make people better is what brings real job satisfaction.’