Definition of job queue in English:

job queue


  • 1British Used in reference to the number of people who are unemployed and looking for work.

    ‘job queues are likely to continue to lengthen in coming months’
    ‘the jobless rate rose to 5.9 per cent as a further 6000 people joined the jobs queue’
    • ‘If you don't pass your exams, you will be at the bottom of the job queue and could face a lifetime of benefits and misery.’
    • ‘He fears that the knowledge nation will simply rearrange the job queue, not shorten it.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the job queues lengthen, the fear factor spreads and To Let signs festoon the high street.’
    • ‘I hope they have a long time on the job queue, because they are not competent to do anything else.’
    • ‘He reckons up to 15,000 restaurants will be forced to shut down this year, adding around 40,000 to the job queues.’
    • ‘The PM put these people in the job queue with his disastrous forestry policy.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the postgraduates from the "less privileged" backgrounds will be at the back of the jobs queue.’
    • ‘Sick of the job queues and unemployment in the UK, many Australian and New Zealand expats are heading home where jobs are a plenty.’
    • ‘The long job queues remain, as more people are joining them.’
    • ‘Now you've got retirees who are clogging up the job queue because they don't want to retire.’
    • ‘The former city trader will join the job queue following a disagreement with the club's owner over transfer policy.’
  • 2Computing
    A list of tasks to be carried out in turn by an operating system.

    ‘I cannot find my job on the job queue’
    • ‘The printers feature an intuitive, full-colour touch screen that gives users the ability to manage job queues, track print costs and view true print previews.’
    • ‘It would be bad if the integrity of the job queue is compromised, because a malicious user could remove other users' jobs.’
    • ‘Almost every dating site we've built has a job queue of some kind.’
    • ‘The service code runs every two minutes and checks the job queue if there's anything that is overdue and needs to be executed.’
    • ‘For many small sites, the only use for a job queue is to send email.’
    • ‘As processes enter the system, they are put on the job queue; this consists of all jobs in the system.’
    • ‘The printer can handle multiple connections from various sources with ease, and the software has a helpful job queue that shows your outbound prints.’
    • ‘We now need to repeat this process for the remaining titles and add them to the job queue for processing.’
    • ‘Unless you are testing the job queue itself, break out the logic that would be executed when calling the run method, and test that logic separately.’
    • ‘Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.’
    • ‘When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue.’