Definition of Job's tears in English:

Job's tears

plural noun

  • A widely cultivated SE Asian grass that bears its seeds inside hollow, pear-shaped receptacles, which are grey and shiny and sometimes used as beads.

    Coix lacryma-jobi, family Gramineae

    • ‘He focuses on the practice of planting ‘archaic cultigens’ - plants such as Job's tears and Italian millet which are used mostly for ritual purposes.’
    • ‘Cook 50g sweet rice with 60g Job's tears and 8 red dates.’
    • ‘Salicylic acid combined with ‘ethnobotanicals,’ like Job's tears, yarrow and burdock, is more effective.’
    • ‘Alternative staples such as foxtail millet, Job's tears, taro, yams and sago played a more important role in other parts of the archipelago.’
    • ‘Prepare 50 grams of sticky rice, 250 grams of seeds of Job's tears, 20 grams of Chinese dates and 20 grams of longan.’


Late 16th century: named after the patriarch Job.


Job's tears