Definition of jilbab in English:



  • A full-length outer garment, traditionally covering the head and hands, worn in public by some Muslim women.

    • ‘Take, for instance, her views on the jilbab (head covering), which she herself wears, but says is an entirely personal decision, with no directive demanding it.’
    • ‘Young Muslim girls are under pressure in some parts of Britain to wear the jilbab, an outfit covering the entire body.’
    • ‘If the woman was found to be Muslim, police give her a free jilbab.’
    • ‘She was sent home from school for wearing a full-length gown - a jilbab - and yesterday's ruling has major implications for multi-faith schools.’
    • ‘Very religious women wear an outfit called the libis shar'i or jilbab.’
    • ‘I started wearing a jilbab (head scarf) only two years ago.’
    • ‘The Begum jilbab case may well be of interest to Muslims of a variety of political persuasions.’
    • ‘I also want to wear the jilbab just like my mom.’
    • ‘Muslim women must wear large cloaks (jilbabs) when they go out of their houses.’
    • ‘Muslim girls in Tower Hamlets have been wearing the jilbab to school for a number of years.’
    • ‘Many other schools have willingly accommodated Muslim schoolgirls wearing the jilbab.’
    • ‘And I too got the knack after a while, looking at the way they dress, even if they're not wearing the jilbab or the kopiah.’
    • ‘The physical presence of the jilbab is impossible to work or sit or teach alongside without constant awareness of it.’
    • ‘I would not wish to see the introduction of two classes of Muslim, the inferior class that wears the shalwar kameeze and the better Muslim who wears the jilbab.’


Persian jilbāb, from Arabic, ‘garment, dress, veil’.