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  • 1A machine or vehicle with a part that rocks or moves to and fro, e.g. a jigsaw.

    ‘they invented a jigger that pulls nets under the ice’
    • ‘The newly-diagnosed disease causes fingers to turn white and numb as a result of using hand-held vibrating tools such as pneumatic drills and jigger picks.’
    • ‘Machines called jiggers and jolleys are used to make tableware in ceramics factories.’
    • ‘With a working width of 4.5 meters, the HT jigger is the largest such dyeing unit installed in Italy.’
  • 2A person who dances a jig.

  • 3A small sail set at the stern of a ship.

    1. 3.1 A small tackle consisting of a double and single block with a rope.
      • ‘What is needed is an incentive for fishers in New Zealand waters to use jiggers, a ban on trawling would do that.’
      • ‘And no squid is safe from the Seattle squid jiggers who flock to the docks at dusk and stay into the wee hours of the night, hoping to catch a few.’
  • 4A measure or small glass of spirits or wine.

    ‘a jigger or two of rum’
    • ‘Require the use of jiggers or pre-measured dispensing systems, and buy high-quality shot glasses with pour lines marked on them.’
    • ‘Some cocktail jiggers include a handle of some sort attached to them.’
    • ‘Maybe after a jigger of scotch and a snort of ecstasy, you'll be more inclined to eat and enjoy these pretzels.’
    • ‘One drink is one can of beer, one glass of wine, or one jigger of hard liquor.’
    • ‘Use a jigger or similar device to ensure that the amount of alcohol is consistent.’
    • ‘I'll have a jigger in your honor… my honor is questionable these days.’
    • ‘I still remember steeling myself to down the glass of the vile red stuff like a sailor knocks back a jigger of rot gut and then shakes all over.’
    • ‘The ‘medicine’ that Amelia spoke of was actually a jigger of brandy followed by three pints of water.’
    • ‘If you must rely on a home remedy, the best is a jigger of pickle juice.’
    • ‘The game lasted about an hour and half, which I think is the shelf life of a jigger of Geritol.’
    • ‘A more personal synergy of my own: a jigger of Harvey's turns a fine chili to ambrosia.’
  • 5informal A rest for a billiard cue.

  • 6Golf
    dated A metal golf club with a narrow face.

    • ‘Clubs were named rather than numbered so I have jiggers, cleeks, mashies, spoons [and] mussel-backs all represented in the sculpture.’
  • 7Canadian NZ A small hand- or power-operated railway vehicle used by railway workers.

    • ‘I'm not taking a jigger to Wellingtown tomorrow.’


[with object]informal
  • Rearrange or tamper with.

    ‘conventional price indexes often jigger the market basket's content’
    • ‘A four-minute featurette gives you an idea of what work was necessary to jigger the film down to a PG - 13 rating.’
    • ‘In the broadest sense, the jiggering of the American vote is one of the more routine facts of political life.’
    • ‘Cathy's an ace with the computer and knows how to jigger the DNA analyser database to delete the log entry for a test run.’
    • ‘Feldstein mentions some revenue-neutral tax jiggering that could be stimulative, but that sounds like fairly ordinary tax policy stuff to me.’
    • ‘No matter how I jigger and poke this test, I can't make it say I'll live until 100.’
    • ‘Public protestations aside, she says, ‘Clinicians know privately that results can be jiggered.’’
    • ‘That didn't stop them from paying $1.63 billion this week for Overture, a company whose specialty is selling the ability to jigger search results.’
    • ‘And if we jigger the foundation design to suit the purposes of organizations that will likely be dead in 15 years, how shortsighted is that?’
    • ‘That adds it to the network, without any need to jigger with complex settings.’
    • ‘Tax cuts and benefit increases are cynically jiggered to mesh with an increasingly mythical congressional budget plan.’
    • ‘Will Microsoft jigger Pd to prevent Linux from running?’
    • ‘It says it wants 10 percent minority representation, and then they have to jigger the system to figure out how to reach that number.’
    • ‘‘It'd take a lot of jiggering about and testing,’ the PFY warns.’
    • ‘I've jiggered my knee, by the way - no, please, no sympathy - and it really hurts.’
    • ‘We combat disease, we keep out the weather, we grow more crops, and we can jigger with our social arrangements as well.’
    modify, alter, regulate, tune, fine-tune, calibrate, balance
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Mid 16th century (originally a slang word for a door): from the verb jig.




Main definitions of jigger in English

: jigger1jigger2