Definition of jewellery box in English:

jewellery box

(US jewelry box)


  • A box used for keeping jewellery in.

    ‘they emptied my jewellery box and took my husband's laptop’
    • ‘I would like to get $70 or best offer for this very nice antique jewelery box.’
    • ‘At all other times, she kept the brooch in the secret compartment of her chinnoiserie jewellery box.’
    • ‘She noticed a quantity of cash had been stolen from the drawer of her dressing table and two jewellery boxes had been opened and moved.’
    • ‘Her handcrafted jewellery has become a must-have in every fashion-forward girl's jewellery box.’
    • ‘The interior decorator said the burglars had found a jewellery box in his bedroom which he had forgotten to put back in a bank vault.’
    • ‘She opened the jewellery box to find a beautiful gold watch.’
    • ‘My mum asked me to go through her jewellery box and pick something I liked.’
    • ‘I have a very nice jewelery box on my dresser that is crammed full of cheap dollar-store jewellery, hoping the guy will just scoop it up, and leave.’
    • ‘Women's cosmetics and jewellery boxes were also sculptured with patterns such as flowers, birds and love stories.’
    • ‘Other gift articles using the same gold engraving include photo frames, mobile phone holders, watches, and jewellery boxes.’