Definition of jetboat in English:



  • A motorboat propelled by a jet of water pumped forcefully out from below the stern waterline.

    • ‘The jetboat was then slipped to take soundings along a planned track to the proposed beach landing site.’
    • ‘I would be the only one fully clad on the jetboat as we wove in and out of the harbours along the Riviera.’
    • ‘Booking a trip by kayak or by jetboat is well worth while.’
    • ‘Side roads in-between advertise numerous opportunities for whitewater rafting and jetboat rides, though maybe not so exciting in the current drought.’
    • ‘A Dart River jetboat safari runs from Glenorchy 35 kilometres into the Alps.’
    • ‘The jetboat travels at a sizzling speed, even when making its way through the narrow canyons, but all the precautions are taken.’
    • ‘On the last day, we were transported from our final camp site to the take-out point by jetboat.’